Pokemon Detective Pikachu Review: A new adventure unfolds in this incredible movie

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu Review

Pokemon Detective Pikachu is the new trending craze because Pokemon has been the most beloved childhood Tv series of any millennial child. The story revolves around the adventures of Pikachu and Ash Ketchum. This time it has been converted into a movie called “Detective Pikachu”.

It was, however, a bit head-scratching thing that the fans could not find Ash Ketchum in the movie.

Pokemon Detective Pikachu: Plot

The movie is plotted around the adventures of a fast-talking investigator pokemon, Detective Pikachu who has a strong nose for finding clues.

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu Review

Detective Pikachu rekindles childhood memories
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Detective Pikachu follows Tim, a young man who keeps his distance from the Pokemons that are populated in the whole world. Tim didn’t like Pokemon anymore but earlier he used to collect Pokemon cards and wanted to become a Pokemon trainer. Detective Pikachu tries to take Tim back to his love for Pokemons during the movie.

Detective Pikachu teams up with Tim to also solve the mystery of his missing father.

The movie has some modifications of the anime version. In the cartoon series and anime, the Pokemons are kept in Pokeballs, but the movie lets them move like humans.
Pokemon: Detective Pikachu Review

Several Pokemons to be a part of the pokemon movie
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The movie is a perfect one for the Pokemon fans. You can see Jigglypuff, Psyduck, Charizard and many other Pokemons that made our childhood awesome.
The most impressive part about the movie is how the pokemon are made a part of the world. You can see Bulbasaurs moving through forests and Charizard fighting in a battle ring. These small things have made cartoon creatures look real. For more updates, stay tuned to BlockToro.

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