Pokemon GO: Armored Mewtwo gets a new raid position for this summer

Pokemon GO: Armored Mewtwo gets a new raid position for this summer

Pokemon Go is going with a bang this summer and its raids are even stronger. This whole summer from July 11 to July 31 a new Pokemon will encounter into the legendary raids. Armored Mewtwo, is coming for battles into the Pokemon raids but unfortunately for a limited time. The psychic type pokemon, Armored Mewtwo in level to the five-star raids and that’s enough. This will start from next week’s Wednesday at 1 pm that is July 11.

Pokemon GO: Armored Mewtwo gets a new raid position for this summer

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Pokemon Go: Armored Mewtwo is releasing on a big screen

However, on a later weekend, Niantic released a trailer of Mewtwo getting some fresh start in Pokemon Go. Though, this time its return is somewhat different as assumed from the trailer. A new avatar along with with a tier five raids, that’s absolutely impressive.

The Armored Mewtwo is also assumed to clear shots with a movie that is yet to be released. But this form is absolutely different as when it appeared in a movie called Mewtwo strikes back.

The next part of the movie resembles a new kind which is expected to be released next week in Japan. And of course a new Pokemon movie, Mewtwo strikes back: Evolution.

Level five raid position along with other details

However, many deep details aren’t known about it till now. As per some concern reports, it is expected that Mewtwo’s CP is being lowered as compared to its original version.

He is decked up with armors and powers but unknown about its defense powers. But now, getting Mewtwo a position in a mobile game that too in level five raids are amazing.

Pokemon GO: Armored Mewtwo gets a new raid position for this summer

Armored Mewtwo stats including every power
Credits: Pokemon Go Hub

As per players, Mewtwo covers its power as being the most powerful attackers in the game. Along with its psychic nature, its weakness is bug, darkness and funniest is “ghost”.

The Pokemon carries a CP of 49,430 through a trailer launched by the developers. But as from last few months, a level fiver raider’s HP is increased from 12K to 15K. Therefore, Mewtwo’s CP shall be as high as 54, 148, but it is not.

Mewtwo strikes back: Evolution releases on July 12 in Japan and other countries will get a release on November 17. Pokemon Go: Armored Mewtwo is desperately a best and strongest Pokemon in the game. Hence, players and fans are practicing to throw a ball and catch the Pokemon along with trainers.

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