Pokemon Masters is the new animation for smartphone platform  

Pokemon Masters

There are a variety of games on Pokemon are available in the mobile as well as a console platform. However, this summer Pokemon franchise revealed some of the latest game in the smartphone world. The “Pokemon masters” comes in collaboration with DeNA. This game opens up new windows for the smartphone world like iOS and Android. Chief of Pokemon franchise Tsunekazu Ishihara revealed about the game while the developers showed the advancement of new animation installed.

Pokemon Masters is set in an artificial world – Pasio

A latest trailer and details of the game got featured in the Tokyo. In addition, Pokemon Sleep and Home also featured in Tokyo later during the event. Thus it seems like the franchise is bringing a new leap in the gaming world along with the series.

The trailer revealed a much deeper concept and is based on a place called Pasio. However, this place is an artificial island made by the developers of the game.

Pokemon Masters is the new animation for smartphone platform

The game allows 3vs3 squad during war
Credits: Touch Arcade

The main concept of the game is not to catch Pokemon by Poke-balls. Instead, players need to form teams and play along with trainers. And the idea that could possibly change gameplay is to make friends with Pokemon as well as the trainers. This idea initiated by the President of the company during the visuals of the game.

Squad war and a story mode introduced

A new strategy introduced in the game is the Sync Pair. This strategy will allow players to form teams from the past trainers and with just single Pokemon.

Moreover, in times of war, there will be no traditional turn-based war. Instead, teams will make a squad of 3vs3 in a real-time and fight the war. More into the game deeply, there will be badges available and of course a story mode throughout the game.

Pokemon Masters is the new animation for smartphone platform

The game involves making friends with both Pokemon and trainers
Credits: GameSpot

Pokemon Masters came into light previously in order to be a part of great gaming experience. Further, the company is making an app for the sleep to turn into play as well as cloud-based gaming services.

This cloud service will help to add and store monsters for multiple games.  Just for now the company’s big release is the Sword and Shield which is scheduled to release on November 15.

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