Portia De Rossi, Ellen DeGeneres Rumors: Rossi abandons DeGeneres amidst ‘mean’ crisis


Portia De Rossi allegedly disappeared after her wife DeGeneres got into a ‘mean’ scandal. DeGeneres is facing accusations of being mean to her staff on “The Ellen Show”.

In July, sources reported that Ellen is behaving badly with the show’s staff. One of the sources even suggested that Ellen is “notoriously one of the meanest people alive”.

Portia supporting the Show’s Staff rather than her rife

Many people from Hollywood have claimed that Ellen is known for being mean and rude. Her actions are hurtful to her staff. Ellen would often behave rudely when her staff did something which was not as per her wishes.


Recently, a source claimed that Portia De Rossi has abandoned her wife amidst the ‘mean’ crisis her wife is going through. It seems that it’s not only the show’s staff who is fed up with Ellen.

Portia has been begging her to leave the show and focus on their relationship more, but Ellen is all about work. Portia can’t believe all the bad press Ellen is getting. Her image as one of the nicest people on the planet has been shattered.

It was also reported that the couple had a huge fight earlier in April. Rossi got really frustrated and decided to leave. She needs some alone time, away from DeGeneres.

Is it really true?

Despite the rumors going around, it was found that there is no truth in this story. She is standing strong amidst all the crisis DeGeneres is facing. Portia even posted updates on her Instagram to show her support to her beloved wife.

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