Post Malone Defends Lil Nas X on Wrangler Garam Controversy

Post Malone Defends Lil Nas X on Wrangler Garm Controversy

American singer-rapper, Post Malone has extended all his support to Lil Nas X. This is because he is widely criticized for his collaboration with Wrangler.

Post Malone: Too good to zip the  haters’ mouths.

Post Malone Defends Lil Nas X on Wrangler Garm Controversy

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The week has far been really tough for american rapper, Lil Nas X. He is facing widespread backlash and online hate for his controversial Wrangler campaign.

He had already faced a hell lot of criticism and approval for his song, Old Town Road. Although, the country rap song topped the charts in it’s initial days of release. The song and the composer, Lil Nas X himself was slammed roughly by the country music community.

And, when he’s at his worst, his fellow rapper, Post Malone defended him by shutting the mouth of country haters.
He took his side and told his viewpoint to the media.

The outspoken rapper pinched their asses by saying, “I think people should have their right to fucking do whatever the hell they want to do.”
Malone condemns the acts by putting his feelings right away. He justifies Nas X by the fact that all country artists are now into rap world and still, the 808s and such shits prevails in the modern country.

Somehow, the rapper’s right. It’s not only ethically wrong but puts a person at brink of professional failures as well.
The people, especially the country men went nuts after his following announcement with Wrangler.

Our so- called society saviours took the lines to be morally and culturally wrong. Lil Nas X himself addressed the boycott on Twitter.

Post Malone and Nas X: They ain’t got no chill

Post Malone Defends Lil Nas X on Wrangler Garm Controversy

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People really go paranoid, when they don’t find things happening in the ways, they are accustomed to. The same has happened with Nas X.
Currently, the rapper is busy with his upcoming EP that is scheduled to release in the coming months. While, Malone is on cloud nine for his song Congratulations is certified Diamong status recently.

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