PowerBeats Pro: New wireless Headphone by Apple


The new Powerbeats pro is the most comprehensive Beats product since Apple’s takeover. The Powerbeats pro is small in size. The case seems more like a regular-wireless headphone case. One can fit around 4 AirPods in the case. Anyways coming back to the earphones.

The Design

The design of the new earphones is brilliant. The headphone contains a crossbar section for the batteries for each side. Apple also had softened the part of the headphone that wraps at the back of the ear. This makes the product more comfortable. The single flow external shape makes the Powerbeats Pro look more amazing.

PowerBeats pro: New wireless Headphone by Apple

Apples new wireless headphones

Coming to the size and shape this headphone is super light. They just don’t make one uncomfortable due to large heavy sizes. However, for some these headphones are far away from the feathery feel of wearing the AirPods.


Each bud of the Powerbeats pro has a central playback control button at the logo. Also including a volume controller. This means that you can easily control the headphones with any hand that is free. Of course, you have the Siri system available but this feature is also a brilliant one.

PowerBeats pro: New wireless Headphone by Apple

The super-light headphones provide amazing feels to the users

Another amazing feature of the Powerbeats pro is the slim nozzle. It is smaller than most of the other wireless headphones. Like other Apple devices, these can also be paired with any Apple device.

The fast connecting capability and good performance, Powerbeats can be a perfect alternative for your music device.

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