President Donald Trump Impeachment Might Happen Sooner Than Expected, Claims Ex-Justice Department Official

President Donald Trump Impeachment

Never has a sitting US President been in so much hot soup that Donald Trump has suddenly found himself in! Controversy’s poster child, President Trump has been involved in a number of scandals in his three years in the White House. As he now seeks a re-election bid, voices supporting a Donald Trump impeachment proceeding are also on the rise.

Donald Trump Impeachment

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However, will the most powerful man on earth be taken down by a parliamentary proceeding? Let us take a closer look:

Donald Trump Impeachment: The Charges Against Him

There are a number of offences based on which Donald Trump can be potentially impeached but the strongest case against him comes from the recently released Whistleblower Reports where his conversations with the President of Ukraine were leaked where he was seen asking his Ukrainian counterpart for personal favours for political gains.

President Trump Impeachment

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Moreover, there was also a hint of a ‘quid pro quo’ situation where Trump would assist Ukraine in military aid had Ukraine carried out what Trump ordered them to. Trump, on his part, has been constantly saying that there was no quid pro quo – but those opposing him say that there indeed was quid pro quo and Trump leveraged the position of his office for personal/electoral gains.

Will Trump be Impeached?

President Donald Trump Impeachment

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As of now this is hard to say, but going by what Neal Katyal, a senior justice department official has to say, this is an ‘open and shut case’ and were they to get enough support, the democrats can actually oust Trump. However, for an impeachment to actually take place, about 20 republicans would need to vote against Donald Trump! Hence, this makes the situation even more complex.

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