Prince Charles And Prince Harry Feud Rumours: The Younger Prince Banished Back To America By His Father?

Prince Charles with Prince Harry
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Prince Charles got so upset with Prince Harry’s presence at Prince Philip’s funeral that he eventually exploded in anger. Word is that he demanded his son return to California only hours after the funeral.

Prince Charles Loses His Cool

Soon after the royals laid their family patriarch to rest Prince Charles had a bitter showdown with Prince Harry. A well-placed palace source told tabloids, “All his pent-up fury over Harry and Meghan [Markle] quitting royal duties, then slamming the royals as racists, just exploded. He’s hurt and humiliated by the scandals and drama Harry’s caused. He had enough – and told him to get out!”

Prince Harry

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The sketchy source also added, “Charles ordered him out – calling his presence disruptive”. The insider continued, “Charles made it clear. Until Harry’s ready to apologize, he didn’t want to see him. Everyone hoped Philip’s tragic death would help heal the family feud – but this royal riff may never end”.

The Dubious Insider

It is crystal clear that this story is bogus. Of course, there is tension between Prince Harry and the royal family. But the said showdown described by this so-called well-placed palace insider may not have taken place. One major tip-off is that royal courtiers would never speak of the family members so casually. If, indeed, there was a source, it’s almost certainly not someone close to the family, and highly unlikely this source would be well-placed with such casual name dropping.

There were also rumours that Meghan Markle insisted Prince Harry return immediately after the funeral. So which is it, was Prince Harry banished, or did his wife demand he return? The truth is likely neither. Meghan Markle is pregnant and could not make the trip to the funeral. Therefore, it’s most likely Prince Harry wanted to return home as soon as possible to be with her.

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