Prince Harry and Prince William Fights Over Meghan Markle Wearing Diana’s Watch


One source claimed that Prince William is furious over Meghan Marker possessing a belonging of Princess Diana.

Meghan spotted wearing Princess Diana’s watch?

According to sources, the Duchess of Sussex was seen wearing a watch that could have belonged to Princess Diana.

The sources published an article with the title “The Fight For Diana’s Watch which points out that Meghan Markle has a silver version of a gold watch that Princess Diana had ans she could be wearing the all-gold piece.

Is Prince William furious?

The watch that could be his mother’s belonging has upset Prince William. The source claimed that Prince is still angry about finding freedom, which the Sussexes did not subscribe to.On knowing the fact that his brother gave it to Markle he completely lost it.

The watch predates her marriage

The claim is simply not true. Meghan does not possess the watch which look to similar to that of Princess Diana. But she purchased a watch for herself to mark the suits picked up its third season. Even if it was Princess Diana’s watch, would it something worth telling about?

In the past, Meghan Markle has wore Princess Diana’s jewelry, so it would not be shocking for Prince William.

Kate Middleton Wears Princess Diana’s Jewelry too

This claim is another bogus example by the unreliable claim towards Meghan Markle. Prince William proposed Kate with a ring that belonged to his mother. Than what’s the problem with sources on seeing Meghan wearing his mother-in-law belonging?

Earlier this year, these unreliable sources claimed that Prince Harry and Meghan were broke and homeless. it also claimed that Markle had a secret daughter and were planning to move to Africa.

A reputed source busted all these claims made by these unreliable sources.

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