Prince William, Kate Middleton Rumors: Couple to reveal Royal Secrets in a Tell-All Interview?


There are tons of drama in the royal family that personally need to be addressed by Prince William and Kate Middleton. A source claimed a TV tell-all interview is a great idea to clear all the stains, but in a classy way.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are their real motivation

According to a source, the two will held a tell-all interview “to take ownership of certain things…like the difficulties they’ve had with Meghan and Harry.”

Nothing is off the table?

Most of the articles contains potential topics that Prince William and Kate Middleton could discuss. They can talk about “their alleged friction with princesses Beatrice and Eugenia or even update fans on their three kids or any further addition to the family.”

This Tell-All interview is a part of their brand new design for the monarchy which is to discard the never complaining mind in a elegant way.

There are no details about the logistics

Reputed sources don’t believe this claim. The royal family rarely comments on these claims made by unreliable sources. There not a single hint of where, when and with whom this interview would be done.   Major interviews like these require preparation in advance and don’t just appear suddenly as this article claims.

These Tell-All Never Seem to happen

Sources have made a routine of stimulating tell-all interviews which never seem to take place. Recently, sources claimed that Kenny Chesney is going to have a Tell-all interview. Before him it was Dolly Parton.

This is not the first time these sources have talked about these tell-all interview. It would be wholly out of nature for the Cambridge’s to do a tell-all interview.

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