Produce 101 Japan to debut in 2020: Schedules, release dates and exciting updates

Produce 101 Japan to debut in 2020; trainees start shooting this April

Following the footsteps of Produce franchise venerating in Korea, the showmakers have decided to finally land the acclaimed show series in Japan. Within a short period of ‘the series announcement’, the Produce 101 Japan is sweeping Internet will all praise and excitement.

Produce 101 Japan is official now !

According to reliable sources, Produce 101 Japan has just started its shooting schedules in Paju’s English Village in Korea. If reports are believed, the ‘Produce’ producers have picked out the finest, top of the line trainees for rigorous training sessions. Moreover, the debut dates for the top 11 inner trainees are out now.

Produce 101 Japan to debut in 2020; trainees start shooting this April

picture: SOOMPI

The winning boy group will be rocking the Japanese stages from 2020 and onward. Moreover, Mnet too officiated the Produce 101 Japan shoots by commenting;

Mnet can only provide support for the production team because they were hoping to shoot in Korean instead of Japan.

The studio selection, production schedule, and other factors led them to chose Korea over Japan. While only a little portion is shot in Korea, the rest of scenes are only recorded in Japan.

Meanwhile, the group’s post-Produce activities are too early to plump on, the super boy group shall mark its presence in next year’s KCON and MAMA. CJ ENM will be co-producing Produce 101 Japan along with Japanese entertainment epitome, Yoshimoto Kogyo.

Shooting schedules, release dates and exciting updates

Produce 101 Japan is all geared up for a country-wide premiere by later half of 2019. Although, the broadcast countries and norms are different, Produce 101 will be adopting the same set of guidelines and fierce battles as exactly they espoused in the Korean ‘Produce X 101‘ version.

Besides acquiring same face-off edicts and battle laws. The show will embrace the same logo patterns and an idol group proposal to uplift the cultural music sphere. Japan’s Produce 101 called applicants for trainee selections throughout April. The process continued till late-May accelerated by a final selection and trainee name in June.

Not to mention that popular comedy duo Ninety-nine is going to pitch the show with frivolous humor and odd, trivial motivating jokes. The two will be directly representing the nation’s producers from the Produce 101 stage.

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