Produce X 101 inching toward a Grand Finale new boy band X1

Produce X 101 lands in legal trouble over vote manipulation

Mnet’s “Produce X 101” is gearing towards a terrific finale, this Friday. And guess what, the top 11 contestants are going to form a live boy group during the finale.

I can assume you all getting on your nerves to help yourselves with the Friday finale. After months of rigorous competition, only 20 trainees have managed to survive in the ruthless talent-hunt.

Produce X 101: Top 11 contestants reach finale

Produce X 101 Final 11 To Debut As a Boy Group:See Details

picture: YouTube

The new franchise boy group will be running for a prolonging period of 5 years. Meanwhile, they will be busy promoting themselves in the first two and a half year period of the infantile boy group.

And finally, all of the show trainees hard-work and perseverance towards the Produce X 101 has paid off. The first announcements of a corresponding 11-membered group was first released by the show-host, Lee Dong Wook early in July.

The show makers have decided to call the new group with a quirky, unusual name, X1. I am sure the makers much have found the way-out X-factor in those top 11 Produce X 101 contestants.

The finale Produce X 101 will feature the last but not the least of trainees performances. Moreover, the showholics can evenly vote for their favorite participant during the live show streaming.

The X1 group and Friday finale

Produce X 101 Final 11 To Debut As a Boy Group:See Details

picture: SOOMPI

The group line-up will, however, be decided by a number of voting factors. The staff members shall combine the past online votes alongside text votes to find out a potential winning candidate.

Don’t forget to stick with your television screens on July 19 at exactly 8 PM KST to enjoy the live streaming of finale night.

Here’s another interesting part about X1 members: The 11-boy gang reached for more than 14,988,884 votes, combining both live and text votes. Moreover, Produce X 101 has also introduced a final X spot, determined by the next highest number of votes in the overall season.

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