Produce X 101 Geum Dong Hyun appears in a fashion magazine in a hustle to establish

Produce X 101 Geum Dong Hyun appears in a fashion magazine in a hustle to establish

Guem Dong Hyun had a tiresome yet profound journey on Produce X 101.
Although, Geum didn’t make it to the top 11 of show finale but what he won in the show was fabby and incomparable.

Guem Dong Hyun from Produce X 101:

Only a few days before, we heard rumors of Dong Hyun starring in a magazine pictorial. However, no reliable sources later confirmed the news. Meanwhile, Guem has himself shared the glad scoops with his fans now.

The Produce X 101 songster will be appearing in his own magazine pictorial, this August post his presence in Produce X 101.

Geum Dong Hyun from Produce X to appear in pictorial of a fashion magazine

picture: PINTEREST

The singing sensation has not only charmed people with his voice but glamorous looks and handsome features. A pregnant voice blended with specks of innocence and utterly speaking eyes; one could never stop himself from falling for this guy.

Since Guem from Produce X 101 first marked his presence on the talent survival program, the C9 Entertainment trainee is swamped with requests and invitations to star in broadcasts and pictorial shoots.

BY9 and following leads

Produce X 101 Geum Dong Hyun appears in a fashion magazine in a hustle to establish

picture: SEOUL BEATS

Although, Guem did not win the show, Produce X 101, but in the end, it only matters about how many hearts you have influenced with your dynamic presence.
After finishing 14th at the national hunt comp, Guem has been meeting several podcast producers daily.

Guem is still not heartened to debut with BY9 and introspecting on how to reinstate himself in the Korean industry. Meanwhile, some national producers are keen to forge another project group to incorporate trainees with rank 12-20 on the show. And hence, they have dubbed the forthcoming project as Be Your Nine or BY9.

While official sources are reluctant to confirm the news on social media. We do have some BY9 names to cheer you you up. The awaited group shall involve top rankers Lee Jin Hyuk, Tony, Song Yoo Bin, Lee Se Jin, Geum Dong Hyun, Hwang Yun Seong, Kim Min Gyu and Ham Won Jin, Goo Jung Mo. Lee Se Jin is anticipated to lead the group for future endorsements.

All the very best, Geum Dong Hyun for winning many more feats in life.

For more updates on Dong Hyun’s post-‘Produce’ activities, stay tuned to BlockToro.

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