Produce X 101 lands in police case over vote manipulation

Produce X 101 lands in police case over vote manipulation

Produce X 101 is on the verge of getting sued after a bunch of fans have reinstated official complaints against X 101’s production staff and broadcast channel, Mnet.

Here’s a brief sneak-peak into entire vote bluff controversy.

Produce X 101 is charged with fraud

A day before, on July 27, the Seoul Police Agency’s cyber investigation department informed about lodging an inquiry against Mnet and formally launching an internal investigation into “Produce X 101.”

Produce X 101 lands in legal trouble over vote manipulation

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The vote controversy first sparked after fans noticed discerning gaps in votes. They found identical vote ratios for different Produce X 101 contestants. Meanwhile, Mnet denied any further allegations about vote manipulation. But their sanctioned July 24 statement upturned every mitigating circumstanced down.

The recorded statement preached about correct trainees rankings, however, there was slight deducted errors in vote calculation and individual vote count.
After Mnet issued an official statement over biased vote controversy, fans decided to go legal over Mnet.

Fans to forge complaints against Mnet

Lawyer Goo Hye Min was appointed to represent the prosecutor side in Seoul court. Until now, the committee was touched on raising funds for the lawsuit.The lawyer shall charge the Produce X 101 staff on frauds and interference with business.

Meanwhile, the committee is negotiating on reviewing charges while focusing on other potential issues to bring up. Furthermore, we do have the official statements issued by Mnet over Produce X 101 finale vote outcry.

The announcement is in regards to the subjected controversy over the vote gaps in “Produce X 101” live show. On behalf of entire production staff,  we extend our sincere apologies for causing dispute over the show’s text votes.

During July 19th live show, we revealed the total votes of individual contestants by combining live text votes with online pre-votes and therefore, finalizing top 11 trainees for the debut.

We noticed the identified gaps in votes of a few trainees. However, we resolved issues with total ranking further, but some of the total votes errors persisted.

The ‘not-so-genuine-mistakes’ that Mnet made

Furthermore, the production staff, in another bid to come up clean issued a formal declarative statement over the vote gapes. Mnet virtually settled over the final rankings through an array of methods through estimated individual trainee‘s voting share and separated vote percentages. But a work done half-heartedly is a work that ain’t really done.

Produce X 101 lands in legal trouble over vote manipulation



Who on earth would have thought that such an action out of hurry can land you into jails and create turmoils you are going to carry for your rest lives.

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