Produce X 101 recklessly trying to promote the finale teaser

Produce X 101 lands in legal trouble over vote manipulation

Produce X 101 has geared itself up for the Friday’s finale. In a bid to recklessly promote the finale teaser, the production house has left us with a listen to know about what our favorite contestants are going to perform in the finales.

Produce X 101 Friday finale

The Friday finale of Produce X 101 will showcase 20 selected talents, out of which only one is going to win the final hardcore battle. The 20 contestants are then made to split into two diverse sections. For the final selections, the two teams will either perform To my World or Boyness in front of the duly jurie members. 

Produce X 101 recklessly trying to promote the finale teaser

picture: DBKPOP

Undoubtedly, Produce X 101 provides maverick sneak-peak into the country’s top most talents and how they perform the survival instincts in front of a National programme. Mnet Media has already released some mind-boggling and teasing previews of both the delighting songs, this week on July 17.

It was previously reported that the final tasks are produced by none other than Pentagon itself. Bruh, that’s going to be one of the most infamous competition in the Produce X 101 franchise.

Meanwhile, the boyness singer-team will involve the talents of Kang Min Hee, Koo Jung Mo, Son Dong Pyo, Kim Woo Seok and Song Yu Vin. Furthermore, Nam Do Hyon, Lee Han Gyul, Tony, Lee Jin Hyuk and Tony accompanies the lead vocals.

The finale previews

Not to mention that the Flow Blow has composed the Boyness theme along side Pentagon’s Hui. Boyness, much like the name sounds an EDM dance track with whooping beat boxings.

Produce X 101 recklessly trying to promote the finale teaser

picture: KOREABOO

Meanwhile, the funky K-pop mix, To My World team includes Hwang Yun Seong, Keum Dong Hyun, Han Seung Woo, Kim Min Kyu, Lee Eun Sang, Kim Yo Han, Song Hyeong Jun, Lee Se Jin, Cho Seung Youn and Cha Jun Ho.

Sean Alexander has penned the terrific scripts of ‘To my World’ with Drew Ryan Scott, by sides.

Produce X 101 will stream the friday finale live on 19 July at exactly 8 p.m. KST.

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