Produce x 101 singer Kim Min Gyu has Quit Singing

Produce x 101 singer Kim Min Gyu quits singing to enjoy vacations

Undoubtedly, the year’s long-awaited, Produce X 101 has concluded with a terrific closure but we all have been missing our favorite trainees for now.

Almost all of the X 101’s trainees have ventured out something different for the rest months of the year. Meanwhile, our very favorite Kim Min Gyu has been missing out from social media past weeks.

Kim Min Gyu goes on break after Produce X 101

However, there is nothing anxious to worry about. Kim Min Gyu is doing perfectly fine. While it may be true about Min Gyu losing himself a bit after he was eliminated from Produce X 101. The talented songster was unfortunate to make his quick place in the top 11 of Produce  X 101’s finale trainees.

Maybe, that’s Min Gyu’s way of coping with his setbacks. Above all, they say; we lose us in different ways and in the process of losing, we finally find ourselves.

Although, we haven’t heard any updates from Kim Min Gyu himself. But the trainees’ yearlong label, Jellyfish Entertainment, eventually has issued an official statement about Kim Min Gyu’s soaring schedule on July 22.

They have announced about Kim Min Gyu taking a brief break after running out from Mnet’s Produce X 101.

Is Jellyfish trying to conceal something?

The Jellyfish admins came to Min Gyu’s rescue after ‘The Kim Gyu’ fandom flooded social media with hashtags and dodgy questions.

The official statement reads as :

Kim Min Gyu has been on rest after the show. We are still speculating for his future ventures since not much time has passes after show has ended. We are planning to prepare, so he returns with a better image.

Kim Min Gyu’s show eviction from Produce X 101 has been disheartening. It did leave everyone heartbroken. The roadster guy managed to make his place into ‘Produce x 101’  finale on 19th of this July, but he after an unfortunate row of events, he was finally taken down.

Not to mention that Min Gyu won’t be able to sing along with X1’s fellow members. The news is pretty depressing in itself.

Till then stay tuned to BlockToro, for more updates.


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