Produce X 101 to feature the Finale Task with Pentagon

“Produce X 101” to Feature Pentagon in the Finale Task

Yet again, Produce X 101 is going to feature it’s finale task with Pentagon’s melodious songs. Pentagon’s Hui and the producer team, Flow Blow has officially confirmed the news for a featured song.

Pentagon’s designs another song for Produce X 101

Much before the time, Pentagon has previously created ‘Never’ for the second season of Produce X franchise. The Mnet’s popular survival show have take on to produce some of Pentagon’s esteemed songs, including Shine and Wanna One’s Energetic. Pentagon has composed the song purely for entertainment purpose and will involve a solid number of dance rhythms.

“Produce X 101” to Feature Pentagon in the Finale Task

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Mnet responded to the news by commenting further.

We cannot however confirm the reports. You may find it after official broadcast.

Produce X 101 will air the final episodes on July 12 and 19 respectively. The show was first premiered on May 3, 2019. The national producers in the show choose around 11 members for creating a competitive boy band. The selections are hard and rigorous.

You can measure the resilience of the competition in Produce X 101 by the fact that only 11 members are selected in total of 101 trainees. The producers pick out the 11 most ruthless survivors from 47 different entertainment companies. Selections are made through online and live voting.

How brutal is Produce X 101 ?

Produce X 101 will fix final members through multiple elimination rounds stepped up by a final interview process. Evenmore, the rights of choosing group’s concepts along side debut songs and group names were accustomed to public members only.

“Produce X 101” to Feature Pentagon in the Finale Task


Lee Dong-wook has been anchoring the show for last two franchises. Other prominent members of the cast includes, Lee Seok-hoon and Shin Yu-mi as vocal trainers. Meanwhile, Bae Yoon-jeong, Kwon Jae-seung and Choi Young-jun help the contestants for their brilliant dance performances.

The show makers have allotted Cheetah to train the contestants with modern, specific-gen raps. Meanwhile, Soyou was assigned as the one-day vocal trainer for the starting two episodes.

I have been a huge fan of Pentagon for years. And I really can’t wait more to appreciate the band’s another talent hunting performance.

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