Produce X 101 winner X1 get back to reality shows

X1 to host survival reality show post musical debut

Produce X 101 trainee winner group, X1 is finally psyched up for its first post-produce activity, this year. Along with a stunning, mind-boggling debut, the winner trainees are eased up to launch another survival TV reality show in early September.

X1 launches reality show on national television

Although, the group has been bestowed with plural ambitious projects after triumphing in this season’s Produce X. The all-boy musical band has finally put it’s hand in a survival instinct reality show again.

X1 has just recently helped itself with the jacket photo-shoot of the debut un-named album. The timings for starring in a reality show are perfect for the group right now. What better stage they would ever be having to engage a world-class audience in group’s awaited debut.

X1 as a whole has a packed routine right now. With video shoot schedules and musical iterations, the band for a dope debut wants to leave no stones unturned.
So, if you are deep speculating about how the show’s really going to be, here’s a fast reality check;

The reality show is augmented to encapsulate every behind-the-scene moments of X1 during debut preps.

Debut updates and band’s future plans

X1 to host survival reality show post musical debut

picture: X1 UPDATES

From reaching out to members’ deep, honest feelings, the reality show is going to be one of its own kind on Korean national televisions. Meanwhile, the group has still not dropped any tentative schedule for show shoots. However, we can spur guesses of a solid premiere during mid-September.

X1 is soon going to land its first international debut album on August 27. However, the band label is negotiating on pre-sale dates due to higher online demands. Ergo, we can expect the streamings to inflate with the album release.

Moreover, the band has already announced about the pre-sale tickets for debut show-con, this August. The ticket sales, specially reserved for the fan-club members shall commence from August 6. Meanwhile, the general public can only supreme access after August 7 via Interpark.

We extend all our luck and happy wishes to X1 for its post-Produce activities.
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