Produce X 101 winners X1 debut date set without delay!

Produce X 101 winners X1 debut date set without delay!

Looks like no scandal can act as a kink in the path of progress of Produce X 101 winners. Even after getting engulfed in an alleged voting manipulation the green signal for the team is given. All Produce X 101 fans know that X1 won the reality show after tireless efforts. Now the time for the tree of their hardship, bearing fruits is not far away!

Produce X 101 winners X1 debut date set without delay!

X1 debut is set for August!
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When will Produce X 101 winners debut?

The new K-pop group X1 will get their first debut sponsored by the show, Produce X 101. All 11 members of the group will face their first debut on 27th August of this year.

The members of the group are Kim Woo-Seok, Cho Seung-Youn, Kim Yo-Han, Son Dong-Pyo, Han Seung-Woo and Kang Min-hee. Song Hyeong-Jun, Lee Han-Gyul, Lee Eun-sang, Cha Jun-Ho and Nam Do-Hyon are also members of X1 boy-group.

As soon as the last episode of the reality show Produce X 101 aired, controversy regarding vote manipulation got around. Mnet, the broadcasting company of the show was allegedly accused of being involved in manipulation of votes and results.

Why was a held-back speculated?

Produce X 101 winners X1 debut date set without delay!

They are coming!!
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The situation further catapult towards pits of trouble as fans filled a lawsuit against the show as well. The lawsuit requested for a thorough investigation of voting mechanism by police.

The programme’s  negative publicity hinted towards a delay of X1’s debut. However, looks like the show is all ready to get through that without any hiatus.

Then official announcement was made on Twitter and Instagram as well. Making fans a bit tension free about the whole situation. The group will be releasing their mini-album coupled with their first showcase performance on 27th.

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