PS5 Price Predictions and Speculations: How much would the Sony PlayStation 5 Cost?

PS5 Price Predictions and Speculations- How much would the Sony PlayStation 5 Cost?

Sony PS5 price is the only thing that was not revealed at the PS5 reveal event and gamers are wondering how much would the console cost. The PlayStation 5 is expected to cost a bit high given it boasts such powerful specs and other features. The pre-orders for PS5 are out even though the console price has not been revealed yet.

There are several reports which claim that PS5 could be priced around $500 but nothing has been confirmed till now. However, now that we know how the PS5 looks, what features it has and what games will come out along with it, we can have better PS5 predictions and speculations to determine the cost of the PlayStation 5 console.

What is the Price of Sony PS5?

What is the Price of Sony PS5?

Sony PS5 costs around $450 to manufacture as per some reports and it kind of makes sense based on the features we have seen so far. The reason why price of PS5 is so higher is due to low supplies of DRAM and NAND flash memory, which are also the main components used in smartphones.

There are several rumors and experts predicting the PlayStation 5 price from around $500 to $600 but these are all just speculations at the moment. Even the top boss at Sony has hinted that PS5 would be priced a bit higher but the console would be worth the money spent. Since the Sony PS5 pre-orders are available to the website, we could assume the price of the console will be revealed soon.

Sony PS5 could have a Higher Price at the Launch

Sony PS5 could have a Higher Price at the Launch

Sony PS5 vs Xbox Series X rivalry is well known and it would also affect the pricing of both the consoles. While most of the experts are predicting that Sony will lower the price of PlayStation 5 to stay ahead in the competition, it might be actually the opposite.

There will be a shortage in PS5 supply chains due to the coronavirus outbreak and it will lead to a difference in supply and demand ratio. Hence, it could be possible that Sony PS5 will be priced way higher at the launch so that the numbers of orders can be managed and the PS5 price will be gradually reduced once enough consoles are out.

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