PS5 Price will only be Revealed by Sony after Xbox Series X Price is Confirmed by Microsoft

PS5 Price will only be Revealed by Sony after Xbox Series X Price is Confirmed by Microsoft

Sony PS5 release date is getting closer each day and fans are still unaware of one major aspect of the next-gen console. While the tech giant finally unveiled the PlayStation 5 console last month along with its features and new game titles, Sony failed to mention its price.

There are reports that Sony is currently taking user surveys to see how the public responds to different prices of PS5 and PS5 digital version and will finalize a price tag based on that. Also, Sony is waiting for its main competitor Microsoft to announce the price of Xbox Series X, so they can also fix the PS5 price and stay relevant in the race.

Sony PS5 Price Surveys and Predictions

Sony PS5 Price Surveys and Predictions

Sony PS5 price as per the survey is $436 and the discless PS5 version will cost only $323 as per the leaked screenshots. However, there is no way it is the actual price of the next-gen console as a lot of other factors will be considered before putting up a global price tag. It was also shared by the Reddit user that Nielsen surveys are not the actual indication of price and the cost is usually increased by around 20% in the final stages.

It seems that Sony will not reveal the actual price of PlayStation 5 until the console release and might do more of the market research. There are also some leaks claiming that PS5 price is set as $500 and the discless PS5 price is $400, which kinda makes sense about having a $100 price difference between the two console models.

PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X Price Battle

PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X Price Battleย ย 

Sony PS5 vs Microsoft Xbox Series X is the biggest rivalry of this year and both the console makers will do anything to stay on the top. Xbox president Phil Spencer has said that Xbox Series X will give a strict competition to the PlayStation 5 console this year.

While there are reports about Xbox Series X to be priced around $500 before discount, Spencer also added that Microsoft will make sure the console is not priced too high as the COVID-19 has deeply affected the economy and it is not an essential thing to purchase. It means Sony will wait until Xbox gives a clear indication of price and vice-versa, keeping the race on until PS5 and Xbox Series X are launched to the public.

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