PS5 Review and Hands On Experience: Should you Pre-Order the New Sony PlayStation 5?

PS5 Review and Hands On Experience- Should you Pre-Order the New Sony PlayStation 5?

Sony PS5 has been finally revealed and gamers got the first look at the next-gen console which would come out at the end of this year. Most of the gamers were dumbstruck with the new design and new exclusive game titles announced along with the console, but the sensible gamers and money-spenders will wait for the PS5 review before pre-ordering it.


Sony PS5 reveal event was all show and tell, and without going into details, the best parts of the consoles were shown to the world. Even though the pre-orders for PlayStation 5 are open, one should wait for PS5 review and hands-on experience before spending a huge chunk of money on the console.

PS5 Review and Hands on Experience at the Reveal Event

PS5 Review and Hands on Experience at the Reveal Event

The PlayStation 5 console looks very futuristic with a sleek and stylish design and the white color makes it distinct from the competition. The games released alongside PS5 looked like CGI movies and it was not just limited to the cutscenes, it would feel amazing to play games with such extensive graphics. The best part is that Sony will offer PS5 in both digital and disc version, thus having no hassle of managing and storing the game discs.

Spider-Man Miles Morales, Horizon Zero Dawn 2, Gran Turismo 7, Demon’s Souls, new Ratchet & Clank, Resident Evil 8, etc. are some of the new games that were revealed along with PS5 and fans will honestly look forward to play them. Even GTA 5 has been updated to the PS5 standards and despite everyone was waiting for GTA 6 reveal, it is somewhat a relief. In short, the PS5 review makes the console looks like a solid machine with a plethora of new titles that would keep increasing with time.

Fans and reviewers who had the hands on experience of PS5 are blown away with the console and praised the console for its amazing SSD speed. The PlayStation 5 is so smooth, playing two years old God of War feels surreal on the console. The hands on experience and PS5 review are praising the game for the controller speed, graphics and quality of new games.

Should I Pre-Order the PS5 or Wait for Actual Release?

Should I Pre-Order the PS5 or Wait for Actual Release?

Sony PS5 pre-orders are out even though the price of the console is not announced. It is a known fact that there will be issues in the supply chain due to the coronavirus outbreak and PS5 shortage could happen after the release of the console. Hence, gamers should try to pre-order the PlayStation 5 to get the console as soon as it is out.

Although, it would be better to wait for some more time and get better PS5 reviews which also shows the bad side of the console. The PS5 reveal event only highlighted the good features of the consoles but the actual review will also showcase the shortcomings and there is no harm in waiting a bit more.

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