PS5 vs PS4: What’s the Difference and Should you Upgrade the Console?


Sony has finally revealed the latest PS5 model and the most concerned people are PS4 owners who are thinking about whether to update their consoles or not. The PlayStation 5 is loaded with several features making the console very futuristic which would make a lot of difference.

But at the same time, the PS5 will have a very high price and it is the main reason why PS4 owners would think twice before upgrading it. PS5 vs PS4 difference is huge and relative, it depends on what a gamer wants to understand the upgrade dilemma. Here is the detailed PS5 vs PS4 comparison to conclude whether you should upgrade your console or not.

PS5 vs PS4 Difference: What are the New Features?

PS5 vs PS4 Difference What are the New Features

The PS5 will offer the discless technology where you don’t have to bother with the physical disks and the games can be beamed directly to your console. Sony has also increased the SSD storage in the PlayStation 5 and it will offer 825 GB SSD storage which is almost double compared to the 500 GB HDD in the PS4. Along with the extra memory, the SSD will also offer great speeds in terms of loading and downloading new games.

The PS5 also has 16 GB RAM compared to the 8 GB RAM in PS4 along with 10.28 TLOF GPU as compared to the 1.84 TFOP GPU in the PS4. Even the other features and specs are improved and upgraded for the next-gen console and it is a very powerful machine. PS5 vs PS4 difference is huge but it ultimately comes down to the price and your needs to determine whether its worth upgrading the console.

PS5 vs PS4 Upgrade: Should you get the New Console?

PS5 vs PS4 Upgrade- Should you get the New Console?

PS5 vs PS4 comparison depends on the price a lot as there is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on a console where you already own one. The PS4 is currently priced at $400 whereas the PS5 price is not announced yet. There are claims that the PS5 could cost anywhere around from $500 to $600 and that would make all the difference.

If money is not an issue for you, you don’t have to think twice and get the new PS5. However, if you are having a perfectly running PS4, it would be better for some time to test the PS5 over a few years of tear and hopefully, the price would also reduce at some time.

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