PUBG Mobile: Beware Of ‘PUBG Mobile Coin Ultimate Pack’ Scam


PUBG Mobile is one of the most-played games in the entire world and it contains a lot of in-game currency to purchase new skins, items, weapons, crates, parachutes, etc. While you need to earn battle points by completing PUBG missions and challenges, it could also be done by using spending real money.

However, many of the gamers try to avoid both the ways and get some kind of hack or mod to get PUBG coins which are nothing but a scam. There is a new website called “PUBG Mobile Coin Ultimate Pack” which is scamming innocent players in the name of providing PUBG coins. Here are more details on the PUBG Mobile coin pack scam and how to stay safe from online frauds.

How PUBG Mobile Coin Ultimate Pack Scam Works?

The PUBG Mobile ultimate coin pack scam sounds too good to be true as they promise to give unlimited coins without for free. It is nothing but a fraud scam to steal your personal information which is then used to take money from your bank accounts and credit or debit cards. When you enter the PUBG coin website, you will be prompted to enter your game username and then they will show some fake animations to trick you into that they are generating free coins.

The final step would require you to enter personal information such as email id, credit card numbers, address to prove that you’re not a bot. The scammers will also send you a fake email from Apple or Google play store confirming the PUBG Mobile ultimate coin pack purchase which can take you to a fake site and steal all your personal information to scam you out of your money.

Stay Alert from PUBG Scams and Frauds

PUBG Mobile ultimate coin pack scam has tricked many innocent users and has stolen their money. It would be better for all gamers to stay away from such shady websites or applications which promised free coins or in-game currency. PUBG Mobile is a free to play game where you can unlock all the items by completing the daily missions and hence there is no need to fall for any scams or frauds.

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