PUBG to introduce Darkest Night Zombie Mode this April

PUBG to Introduce Darkest night zombie mode

PUBG has gained immense popularity amongst gamers. It is an online gaming platform where players fight with each other in a battle royale match. The game is played individually or in squad or duo.

Once the players are dropped from a plane they collect medicines, ammunition, guns and the last survivor gets the ‘Chicken Dinner’. The game now has a new mode introduced to it which will be called the “Darkest Night Zombie Mode”. Want to learn what all it will entail, then sit back and scroll down.

PUBG: The new mode

Its a moment of delight for the fans as the most famous online game is coming with a new update for it’s the mobile version. This update called “Darkest Night Zombie Mode” is to be scheduled for April 17.

Tencent has already introduced a beta version of zombie mode that will also be upgraded to v0.12.0 for the mobile version. The new update will also introduce new monsters and weapons.

PUBG to Introduce Darkest night zombie mode

PUBG to Introduce Darkest night zombie mode as next update
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PUBG mobile version will be down on 16th April and will get an upgrade on 17th April. Also, those players who update the game before 23rd April with get an outfit box(III).

The changes that will occur

  1. Evoground: All the gaming modes will be now available under this.
  2. DarkestNight mode: Players will need to fight zombies for the whole night.
  3. Survive till dawn: New weapons and more strong zombies are introduced.
  4. New spring theme is introduced along with a treasure box event.
  5. The players will not be able to spectate other players or their friends or clan members.
  6. Clothes can be swapped during the fight.

PUBG to Introduce Darkest night zombie mode

Moreover, the upgrades will have new weapons like liquid nitrogen grenades and RPG-7 gun.

PUBG brings an update frequently, and every upgrade makes the players enjoy the game more.

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