PUBG vs Call of Duty: New Update to Make COD Comparison Obsolete

PUBG vs Call of Duty New Update to Make COD Comparison Obsolete

PUBG Mobile has to catch up with Call of Duty Mobile as both the battle royale games for smartphones are introducing new features to stay ahead. With the year 2019 about to be over, fans are looking for new updates for the new year. The developers of PUBG have always been constant in releasing new patches to the game and have maintained a strict timetable.

It is why ‘PUBG Mobile’ update patch 0.16.0 could be released in December with some cool new features. PUBG vs Call of Duty comparison can become obsolete as PUBG introduces Death Race mode and COD will have no answer for that. Here are more details on the PUBG Death Race mode and how it may dethrone COD Mobile to become the top game.

PUBG Mobile Update Brings Death Race Mode

PUBG Mobile Update Brings Death Race Mode

PUBG has been introducing new game modes in each of the recent updates and various sources are reporting that developers will finally bring Death Race mode for the mobile gamers. The in-game mechanics are a hint for what new features are about to be introduced in the 0.16.0 update as it will use the Miramar map.

Death Race mode is kind of a car racing sequence but the vehicles are beefed up with heavy arsenals of weapons which can be used to attack other players. As per the rumors, three cars namely UAZ, Dacia, and Buggy can be chosen for the Death race mode. Some features and elements of Team Deathmatch mode will be added to this new PUBG update, but the main focus will be to destroy the opponent’s vehicle, instead of killing them.

PUBG vs Call of Duty: Innovative Updates are the Key to Win

PUBG vs Call of Duty Innovative Updates are the Key to Win

Call of Duty Mobile at the time of release was the hottest game as it introduced a lot of features that PUBG and Fortnite were missing. But with time, the older games are catching up and PUBG has also updated the game with the latest modes and gameplays.

If we look at the release dates of update 0.15.0 and patch 0.15.5, there was just a gap of two weeks in between. It means that the PUBG Mobile 0.16.0 Death Race mode update could be released in the first half of December. COD Mobile also has to come up with something new and innovative or else it could lose PUBG vs Call of Duty battle easily.

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