R Kelly taken under custody on charges of sexual assault

R Kelly under custody on sexual assault charges.

R&B hit singer, R Kelly taken in custody on charges of sexual crimes, child pornography and attempts to disorient justice. Consequently, the singer has landed in a dirty legal battle once again. The arrest of the singer was made on Thursday in Chicago, while he was walking his dog.

U.S attorney spokesman Joseph Fitzpatrick informed Chicago Sun-Times that R Kelly is facing thirteen counts federal warrant. The warrant includes charges of child pornography, the seduction of a minor and his bid to influence justice.

Who is Robert Sylvester Kelly AKA R Kelly?

R.Kelly the hitmaker under arrest

R Kelly is an iconic American singer, songwriter, producer and former professional soccer player. He owns the credit of changing the face of R&B and hip hop.

Consequently making him popular by nicknames, ‘King of R&B’ and ‘King of Pop-Soul’. R Kelly has launched 12 solo studio albums and made 75 million record sales worldwide up till 2019.

So he is the most successful R&B artist in the male category of the 1990s. Also, the list of the world’s best-selling music artist has his name in gold.

Kelly has a history involving sexual abuse accusations

Kelly has had a long history of sexual abuse allegations against him. However, the singer has managed to get away with them. Until in February when the Cook County officials made his arrest under ten state counts.

The charges included sexual assault against four women. Alleging three of the four women to be minor at the time of the assault back in between 1998 and 2010.

Reports confirmed the minors to be between the ages of 13 and 16 years at the time. However, after surrendering himself to police back in February, he managed to get a bail.

Nonetheless, he again faced charges for other cases in May. In June, R Kelly pleaded not guilty for 11 counts of sexual assault on him, in court. Out of which ten accounted to his February arrest.

All about Kelly’s latest arrest:

New York’s WNBC TV, the first to cover the story reported that, New York Police Department detectives with Department of Homeland Security agents took Kelly under custody. Reports suggest that R Kelly will land in New York along with the officials. Involvement of both U.S attorneys of the north and south districts of Illinois and New York respectively is there.

Additional charges on R Kelly are however still under the rug. Yet, Thursday’s arrest is unrelated to the charges filed by Cook County Prosecutors in May this year.

Kelly’s attorney, Steve Greenberg gave confirmation regarding the arrest to Sun-Times. A press conference will take place on Friday as per the singer’s Publicist. Expectedly, the relevant information to the charges in his latest arrest will also be disclosed then.

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