Ransomware attack on Baltimore’s Government Websites

Ransomware attack on Baltimore's Government Websites

Around two weeks ago, some hackers hacked the computer systems that are useful to run Baltimore’s Government.

It has been more than two weeks now that their systems are hacked and it is ransomware. The hackers have demanded a ransom. Mayor Bernard Young said that at present he has not made any decision yet.

Ransomware attack on Baltimore's Government Websites

Ransomware attack on Baltimore

Almost two weeks ago On 7th May, the city was hacked by hackers with a ransomware attack. In this attack, the important files were encrypted for a while until the ransom is paid.

This was notified to the F.B.I immediately and the city took all their systems offline. Many systems of the city are affected by this hacking attack. These systems include parking fines database, water bills paying system, a system for property taxes, e-mail, voice mail, and vehicle citations.

Ransomware attack on Baltimore's Government Websites

Many systems including parking fine database are hacked

The Baltimore Sun obtained a digital ransom note. The note stated that the locked files can be unlocked by the city after paying some price. The hackers are demanding 3 Bitcoins which sums up to $24000 per system. And for all the files the ransom is 13 Bitcoins which is nearly about $102,000.

The ransom amount on the day of attack is $17000 per system or $75000 for all the systems. However, until now it is unclear about the individual or group behind the attack.

Well, the Mayor of the city does not agree to pay the ransom but if the city needs to move forward the Mayor might think about it. Check for more updates.

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