Rapper Tay K imprisoned for a murder committed years ago

Rapper Tay K imprisoned for a murder that he committed years ago

Justice delayed is justice denied. However, sometimes even a delayed statement can make heaps and bounds of change. Rapper Tay K on Tuesday received a 55 years in prison sentence for a crime he committed several years back in 2016. The rapper is also supposed to pay $10,000 fine for his evil deeds!

Rapper Tay K imprisoned for a murder that he committed years ago

Renowned rapper committed murder!
Source: CBS Dallas/ Fort Worth

Rapper Tay K is going behind bars: Why?

The crime committed by the Rapper Tay K was no small, non-offensive type, for he is guilty of murder. The charges that Rapper Tay K has incurred are of home invasion followed by robbery and the most heinous of all is of is murder of a father.

The 21 year old Ethan Walker was shot dead in his own home which is situated in Mansfield Texas. Though Rapper Tay K, whose real name is Taymor Mclntyre did not commit the crime himself, he organized the home invasion.

Rapper Tay K even contacted and recruited the man who shot Mr. Walker. The gun man received a life in imprisonment sentence by court last year. While Mclntyre, is sentenced 30 years in prison for 1 count of aggravated robbery. The two other counts of aggravated robbery resulted in 13 years each, of imprisonment and $21,000 fine.

Who is Taymor Mclntyre and why is he famous?

After 3 long hours of debate and deliberation of the jury finally announced its verdict. It looks like the rapper is still not ready to give in for he has appealed against the judgment.

The Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney’s office informed the masses about the judgment through their Twitter handle. Rapper Tay K garnered public recognition on a large scale by his 2017 hit dubbed as “The Race”.

Rapper Tay K imprisoned for a murder that he committed years ago

Tay-K has appealed!
Source: Daily Mail

The record features him posing next to his own “Wanted” poster. The song was recorded and launched when the rapper was still a fugitive. In the song, Rapper Tay K basically raps about his experience of running away from the police officials.

The music video in the present date has mustered more than 174 million views on YouTube.

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