Real Housewives fame Meghan King Edmonds reveals shocking news about her son

Meghan King Edmonds from 'RHOC' Shares Heartbreaking News About Her Son's 'Irreversible Brain Damage'

Real Housewives‘ fame Meghan King Edmonds has revealed that one of her twin sons has been diagnosed with irreversible brain damage. Meghan King Edmonds shared the tear-jerking news through her “My Hart” blog post.It seems that these couple of months have come out to be a living hell for Meghan. She’s still grieving her husband Jim Edmonds’ infidelity issues when the news broke out.

Meghan King Edmonds:


Meghan King Edmonds shared that her twin son is been suffering from a kind of irreversible brain damage. His condition may further swell into a Cerebral Palsy. Physicians have asserted to keep Hart under continuous medical assistance.

As his mother, Meghan’s intuitions spoke strongly about the deteriorating health of her son. Meghan King Edmonds knew from the beginning about something was wrong with 1-year-old Hart. She took him to a number of physicians who were later unable to identify his ailment and termed him ‘fine.’

Periventricular Leukomalacia: meaning

Meghan King Edmonds from 'RHOC' Shares Heartbreaking News About Her Son's 'Irreversible Brain Damage'

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After jumping a whale of hoops, Meghan King Edmonds then hatched an appointment from a Cerebral Palsy specialized neurologist. The MRI reports were out. And Meghan King Edmonds couldn’t believe her eyes. She fell hard and cried because Hart’s ailment was severe and irreversible.

The neurologists have diagnosed Hart with minor Periventricular Leukomalacia on both sides of his brain. His condition may later put him under a first stage Cerebral Palsy.

The symptoms were quite noticeable. His muscles grew rigid with passing months and his eyes stayed crossed longer than usual 13-months old children.

Hart’s joints have stiffened over time with a weakening lower back and lesser arm movement. The same traits may border him in future even after the termination of disorder.

Edmonds wrote in her note that:

“Hart has irreversible brain damage, known as PVL.

The news completely shook Hart’s 34-year-old mother and entire family. Meghan immediately admitted him in a therapy. It’s really strong of Meghan to come out and challenge the life’s brutalities so passionately.

They are right when they say, love is contagious. And, more ardent and blessed, when it’s between a mother and his son.

I explained to Jimmy how we are not punished or compromised for having a specially challenged child. We are BLESSED to have Hart. God, I know this is your sign. I hear you. Let’s do all of it.

Beside Hart, Meghan and professional baseball player, Jim Edmonds are parents to two more children.

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