Real Madrid enters Women Football League with a £500k deal

Real Madrid Women Football Team

Madrid based football giants have finally confirmed entry to woman’s football. Real Madrid will buy a recently promoted team CD Tacon on a deal valuing under £500. The Madrid based team found in 2014 have recently got promoted to Primera Division Liga Iberdrola and will operate under Real Madrid from the next season.

Real Madrid joins Barcelona

The Spanish giants have finally entered into a territory crowded with European football clubs. Other major Spanish clubs with a women’s football team include big-time rivals Barcelona. Barcelona though spends around £4m in women’s soccer where Real will be a newbie.

real madrid women football team

An El Mundo report has confirmed the news Florentino Perez initiating the £500k deal to acquire the settled franchise. This will benefit Real Madrid to not be a complete newbie in the unchartered territory.

RFEF President Rafael Del Amo confirmed the news to EFE.

“The Federation has had something to do, we thought it was very important that the best national teams have a female team, I always jokingly told my Real Madrid friends that they would not be great without a female team. I can say they are great”

Domestic system yet to be developed

The deal apparently covers only the first team acquisition. The academy and domestic will need a platform for players to fill the pipeline. The women’s team, for now, will play at Real’s Ciudad complex and are yet to decide upon domestic structure.

Real Madrid enter women's soccer with £500k deal01

Ana Rossell had the vision for the team to get into the Real Madrid system. Image: tele.madrid

Tacon though has been on the rise since their inception in 2014. Founder Ana Rossell had the vision of the team to become a part of Real someday in future. Real’s rivals Barcelona and Atletico Madrid have already a got a settled franchise in this department though.

The two giants dominated women’s soccer last season staying 30 points cleared of the third-ranked Levante. It’s a good step forward by Real but require investment to challenge teams that already looked far ahead of them.

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