Realism vs Myths of Cannabis cleared: Check Out!

Realism vs Myths of Cannabis cleared: Check Out!

Today we will be talking about this little beast which is known as Cannabis, also called Marijuana, this little thing is said to be good for the fitness of our body. Today we will understand that what should we call Cannabis, a friend or foe?  Let’s get started without taking much time.

Benefits of Cannabis-

There are some excellent benefits of Marijuana, some of them are-

Realism vs Myths of Cannabis cleared: Check Out!

  1. Lesser Weight-After research of many years, we came to the point that cannabis users put on lesser weight than those who do not use Marijuana products.
  2. Reduce Soreness-Most people use cannabis products for helping them reducing the soreness of their muscles, which they face after their workout routine.
  3. Recovery-Because of the THC extracts that are present in Marijuana, they are helping many people in faster recovery. No matter it is your gym workout recovery or recovery from an injury.


    Every coin has two faces and they both need to be different. The same theory applies to the benefits of cannabis usage vs drawbacks. And those drawbacks are-

Realism vs Myths of Cannabis cleared: Check Out!

  1. Risk of high depression-It’s seen that people who use Marijuana are facing a high risk of depression. This is not suitable for anyone at all.
  2. Anxiety-A Marijuana user feels intense anxiety. This is also the most common side effect of Marijuana usage.
  3. The mental disorders- Marijuana user faces many psychological disorders and the person facing this problem is unaware of his/her behaviour.

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