Recession 2020: Is the world heading toward another great recession?

World economic giants are facing an un-dodge-able recession

Not all times are the same, for life is supposed to give you a taste of everything. Well, it looks like five giant economies are currently at the risk of collapsing by recession. Just a little not-much-effort-needed push and they will fall face first over the edge.

Well, the unexpected turn of events is plaguing British, Germany and many more friends of it!

World economic giants are facing un-dodge-able recession

Traders and financial professionals worrying over the recession state
Source: Spotlight

World is not as stable as you guess

According to latest statics, British economy has shrunk during the second quarter and things are going downhill since then. The growth line went flat in Italy showing a drastic fall and stark risk of recession. While, Wednesday’s published data says that the economy of Germany, contracted miserably in the last three months.

If the bottom line of Germany’s economy be taken into consideration then the world’s fourth largest economy is teetering the edge of depression. Mexico recently saved itself from a similar event after suffering contraction in two consecutive quarters.

However, Brazil doesn’t appear to be in a state of being able to dodge a recession after its second quarter data analysis. Looks like the giant economies which once stood tall and proud and currently crowding the near-recession line.

Recession: Who all are in for great trouble this time?

Mexico, Britain, Germany, Brazil and Italy all are rank holders in the world’s 20 largest economies. Even Hong Kong and Singapore who are much smaller yet critical hubs are inflicted by the plague of recession. The reason of drop remains almost the same for all and no one is able to find a solution for it yet!

World economic giants are facing an un-dodge-able recession

Graphs pointing down continuously
source: Axios

The sharp and significant drop in business confidence remains a major factor for trouble while the world-wide manufacturing slump is adding fuel to the already blazing fire. Even China has not been left unaffected by the causes.

Even though the situation of the country is not as bad as of its neighbors it’s still suffering silently. The economic growth of China is at its slowest pace since last 3 decades. Well, China has its own reasons of suffering the major among them being it’s long-winded trade war.

Investors remain worried with sleepless nights as things go more and more out of hands. Let’s see how far things will go this time. Before all is set back to right!

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