Republican National Convention’s Location; North Carolina Given a Deadline on Coronavirus Guidelines by GOP

republican national convention

The Republican National Committee shared a summary of the safety guidelines for the upcoming national convention. The committee gave officials of North Carolina time till Wednesday to sign off amidst threats to change the location of Aug.24-27 nomination conclave from Charlotte.

“We still do not have solid guidelines from the state and cannot in good faith, ask thousands of visitors to begin paying deposits and making travel plans without knowing the full commitment of the governor, elected officials and other stakeholders in supporting the convention,” the Republican National Committee said in a late Thursday letter to Gov. Roy A. Cooper.

republican national convention

Republican national convention: President’s approach

President Trump warned earlier this week that he may move the convention to a different location if state officials continue to insist on strict protocols on social distancing. The protocols are unacceptable to President Trump because it will prevent the Spectrum Center from packing 50,000 Republicans.

The president has been adamant on reopening all states even as the death toll from the coronavirus continues to mount. As of Friday, over 101,000 American citizens had died of COVID-19.

The secretary of Health and Human Services of North Carolina, Mandy Cohen, urged the Republican National Committee earlier this week to make a “measured and careful” effort towards planning.

Republican National Convention: The Proposal

The Republican National Committee has proposed the following:

  • Pretravel health surveys
  • Final health checks as buses drop off attendees
  • Widely available antibacterial gel
  • Daily healthcare questionnaires
  • Thermal scans
  • Aggressive sanitization of all public areas
  • Clean health checks before being allowed inside, and
  • Restaurant food service guidelines for all media and hospitality suites

In conclusion, masks and social distancing found no mention.

Cooper said he is unwilling to put the health and safety of state’s citizens at risk.

However, Republican governors of 2 states, Georgia and Florida, offered their states to the RNC as alternative sites for the convention.

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