Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 1 Airing Before Official Release Date?

Rick and Morty AEW Invasion

Rick and Morty Season 4 is all set to return to our TV screens in a matter of weeks from now! The first episode is officially scheduled to air on Sunday, the 10th of November. However, fans are in for a big surprise as a number of Rick and Morty characters are going to make a surprise appearance on All Elite Wrestling (AEW) to promote the show a week before the fourth season comes out. In a way, you could call this the unofficial first episode of the show. This will also be AEW’s ‘Halloween Special’

Rick and Morty AEW

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Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 1: The AEW Invasion!

The Rick and Morty special episode of All Elite Wrestling will focus all the major wrestling action while also featuring comedy elements from the popular science fiction show on Adult Swim. It is a great crossover episode as both the shows have overlapping audiences.

Rick and Morty AEW Special

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There would be a special short made of the two titular characters who will appear on the show in some capacity and might even interact with some of the wrestlers on AEW. Will Jericho share ‘a little bit of the bubbly’ with Rick and Morty or are they going to bamboozle the AEW World Champion?

What to Expect from AEW’s Halloween Special?

All Elite Wrestling Halloween Special

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Halloween specials in wrestling have been around for ages but none of them have really made a mark. Be it the age-old Halloween Havoc or one of the In Your House events that WWE produced, or even the ECW Halloween specials – they’ve usually been comedy bits with nonsensical in-ring action. AEW, however, is expected to introduce some serious wrestling action amid all the fun! Stay tuned with us for more on this.

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