Rick and Morty Season 5 Release Date Confirmed, Plot Spoilers and Trailer Details Out


Rick and Morty’s fifth installment will release by the end of this year. The fourth installment of the famous adult science based animated series ran till May. Since then, the fans are getting very excited to watch the next season. On an average, it takes a year or two to drop the new installment.

Co-Creators of “Rick and Morty” just announced that they have completed writing off all the episodes of the show. Moreover, they are running the process of finalizing the season. Many writers have already started working on the sixth installment of the series.

Director Erica Hayes previously revealed that a season takes up to 12 months. It starts from idea development to its final completion. An early animatic was released during San Diego Comic Con 2016 and season 3 of the animated series came out 13 months later.

Moreover, Adult Swim also posted a YouTube video detailing the series on Jan 3, 2017. So fans have to wait at least seven months more. Another clue about the series was given by setting a panel at SDCC 2019.

An animatic was released by Adult Swim during the Comic Con event. This featured Jerry  hanging the Christmas lights. The scene was starting episode of season 4.

When will fans get to see Season 5?

On July 24, Adult Swim posted a new teaser on YouTube revealing that fans are 5 months away from watching season 5.  Meanwhile, the voice behind Jerry Smith, Chris Parnell said that some episodes were ready. However, the recording for them has not began yet.

Also, Harmon mentioned in his previous interview that he has learned the skill of time management. This will help in completion of his projects on time.

He said that if I would have learned this skill earlier than he will be able to produce some more interesting series.

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