Rift S and Facebook Oculus Quest are now shipping


Facebook has owned a virtual-reality technology company called Oculus. This company has begun its shipping with its latest VR headgear. It is famous with the name of ” iPod of VR”, amongst many people.

According to the official blog of Oculus, which has announced the launched, experience with the new hardware is like all in one and completely immersive 6DOF VR. Pre-orders are available for this PC free Oculus Quest and higher end Oculus Rift S from a few weeks ago.

Rift S and Facebook Oculus Quest are now shipping

Oculus has begun shipping the latest VR headgear

Both Rift S and Oculus Quest started its shipping, hence marked a significant moment for the VR community. With its features, it has left a beautiful and magical feeling of presence to a greater extent of people.

The introduction of Rift S and Oculus Quest to the portfolio of our hardware will guide the developers to enter into a new level of VR gaming. The responses coming from the community have amazed everyone since opened for pre-orders for Rift Sand Quest at F8.


Rift S and Facebook Oculus Quest are now shipping

Although the blogs of Oculus do not contain any detail about the pre-order sales, they sound the same. Facebook is running the ads back to back, for months, for Oculus through its omnipresent and eponymous social network.

Still, there is no explicit information about the Oculus brand until you click on “learn more” option. What matters most is that the universal notion of Oculus, “all in one VR”, has minimized the brand’s stamp on the headset to an unpredictable level. Check Blocktoro for more.

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