Rip Torn, Emmy Award Winner and MIB actor takes his last breath

Rip Torn takes his last breath at his home, Connecticut

The Emmy award winner, Rip Torn didn’t survive the truth called death. He passed away, keeping his family behind at the age of 88. His extraordinary performance and diligent acting over the years kept fans alive. Rip Torn was even awarded the Emmy for his work on The Larry Sanders Show. And many other mind-blowing movies like the Men in Black and 30 Rock.

Rip Torn appeared in nearly 200 movies and TV shows

His demise is heartbreaking news for every other person living there. However, his death isn’t tragic but peaceful soundless death. As per statements released, Rip Torn took his last breath at his home near Connecticut.

There resides his wife Amy Wright along with his daughter Katie Torn. They were all beside him while he left the world leaving endless memories.

Rip Torn takes his last breath at his home, Connecticut

Rip Torn debuted movie in the year 1956
Credits: Hollywood Reporter

In the year 1931, Rip Torn was born with a big name – Elmore Rual Torn Jr. But over the past sixty years of acting and providing endless performances with his name changed to Rip Torn.

However, his debut movie “Baby Doll” released in 1956. And after that, he bestowed with nearly 200 movies and TV appearances.

He even won Oscar as a supporting actor for the movie Cross Check-in 1983. In addition, his recent recognition for 30 rocks won him an Emmy.

Rip Torn takes his last breath at his home, Connecticut

He won an Oscar for supporting role in the Movie Cross Creek
Credits: Bloomberg

Over 60 years, he gave endless iconic roles

Over the years giving an endless performance and iconic roles he never gave up. Out of his acting career, his iconic role came up from a comedy show “The Larry Sanders Show”.

The show featured in HBO and performing opposite to Garry Shandling and Tambor. During that period, he got nominated for Emmy for almost six times and won the award once.

During that same year, he also acquired another Emmy for Chicago Hope, a drama series. However, his performance always lit up from every other movie he did.

The most iconic roles covered by Men in black to “A face in a crowd”. Moreover, Rip Torn also appeared in TV series like Will and Grace and “The man from U.N.C.L.E.

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