Riverdale Season 4 Episode 4 Halloween Costumes for Every Character and Watch Online

Riverdale Season 4 Episode 4 Halloween

Riverdale Season 4 Episode 4 titled Halloween will be the first episode of the TV show to feature the spooky festival. There will be lots of drama, Halloween themed costumes, terrifying events and a lot of mysteries. The latest episode of Riverdale will air on Wednesday, October 30 at 8 pm EST and it will focus on Archie’s party.

It will also finally solve the mystery of the secret videotapes showing at everyone’s doorstep. In the last episode, we saw Cheryl discovering something terrifying at the Thistlehouse. Here are the best ways to live stream Riverdale S04E04 and the plot details and trailer breakdown for the same.

Live Stream Riverdale S04E04

Live Stream Riverdale S04E04

Riverdale Season 4 Episode 4 can easily be watched online on the CWΒ App, websites, CWTV and CW network TV channels. It is free to watch as CW doesn’t take any subscription charges as it comes with ads in between their shows. The only problem in live streaming Riverdale on CW is it may not be available outside the US country.

But there is no need to worry, asΒ Netflix has rights to stream Riverdale live the moment it is aired on CW. For those fans of the show, who doesn’t have access to CW in your area, Riverdale S04E04 can easily be streamed on Netflix. Some countries might have different streaming providers depending on the broadcast rules, as even WB and Amazon prime video also airs the same in certain regions.

Riverdale: Halloween Costume and Story Details

Riverdale Halloween Costume and Story Details

It has already been revealed that Cheryl will dress as Poison Ivy and Toni will be dressing as Harley Quinn. Archie will be coming to the Halloween party as Pureheart the Powerful and Mad Dog will be wearing the costume of The Shield. Also from the Riverdale 4×04 trailer, it looks like Betty will be coming to the party as Laurie Strode from the Halloween movie series.

The synopsis for Riverdale season 4 episode 4 hints on Archie’s Halloween party getting spoiled by some unwanted visitors. Veronica will also get in trouble and Betty will face her past mistakes. The Haunting at Thistlehouse could be one of the scariest episodes in Riverdale and viewers can’t wait to watch the same.

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