Robert Englund to host the Shadows of History, a new Spooky Series on Travel Channel

Robert Englund Will Host Travel Channel’s Spooky New Series “Shadows of History”!

The legendary actor Robert Englund is coming on Travel Channel. According to the sources, he is going to host a new TV series “Shadows of History”. He has already tapped all the episodes of the new show which will be out soon.

About Robert Englund

Travel channel has picked the right man to bring fear in the viewer’s eyes. Robert is a famous actor who portrayed a role in popular film Nightmare on Elm Street. He is the person responsible for giving nightmares to the viewers.

“Shadows of History” Travel Channel's new series to be hosted by Robert Englund

He started his career in the 1973 crime film “Buster and Billi.” Later on, he appeared in various movies like Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, Freddy vs. Jason and many more. After watching this series, his fans are going to go crazy.

What is the show all about?

If you love to watch shows related to zombie cannibals, flying monsters and ghost ships, then this series is definitely for you. The show is produced by Workaholic Productions. It is voiced and hosted by Robert Englund. The first season will consist of 6 episodes.

Robert Englund to host Shadows of History

Famous for the role in Nightmare in Elm Street

Shadows of History will mainly try to reveal creepy stories from America’s past. In every episode, Robert will try to investigate each tale in detail to the viewers. He will collect information from the scholars and historians to reveal the truth behind such petrifying stories.

The show will cover each and every bizarre event that was printed in an American newspaper in the past. For now, we don’t have any premiere date for the show.

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