Robert F. Kennedy ‘s granddaughter falls victim to depression-suicide

Saoirse Kennedy Hill turns into another victim of depression-suicide

Once again a young, cheerful soul has left the Earth. As death parts us with Saoirse Kennedy Hill, the granddaughter of late Robert F. Kennedy, gloom envelops the world. Thursday, brought with itself the gift of death for Saoirse Kennedy Hill as another lost battle of depression snatches a soul away.

Saoirse Kennedy Hill turns into another victim of depression-suicide

Saoirse Kennedy Hill is no longer with us!
Source: USA Today

Robert F. Kennedy ‘s granddaughter commits suicide!

Paramedics were notified to come to Kennedy compound on Thursday after the 22 years old Saoirse Kennedy Hill was found unconscious. The cause of death as reported by sources turns out to be overdose of drugs.

Family’s spokesperson confirmed that news to the masses with an official statement. The spokesperson said

Our hearts are shattered by the loss of our beloved Saoirse. Her life was filled with hope, promise and love. . . . We will love her and miss her forever.”

The granddaughter of late Robert F. Kennedy left her earthly abode at her grandmothers Ethel Kennedy’s house. As reported by Hyannis Fire Lieutenant David Webb, a call of assistance was received by them at around 2:31 pm. David even said that the individual got transported to Cape Cod Hospital for further treatment.

However, he refused to give any more detailed insight of the incident. The case in currently being investigated by the Barnstable police as well as by the State Police detectives. the granddaughter of late Robert F. Kennedy, Saoirse Kennedy Hill, as described by her family was an individual who deeply cared about all her family members and friends.

Depression is the root cause of her death!

Saoirse Kennedy Hill turns into another victim of depression-suicide


The culprit behind her death and the maybe intentional overdose is speculated to be depression. In the year 2016, Saoirse Kennedy Hill wrote in the school’s student newspaper about dealing with depression.

The article held her confession regarding Kennedy’s experience of stigma around her mental health issues on the campus.

She even pleaded to her fellow-mates to put a stop at it. Saoirse Kennedy’s childhood had not been as bright and painless as expected to be. In the year 1974, her father Mr. Paul Michael was a part of the small group of people who were falsely accused of bombing two pubs.

Well, if myths and superstitions be counted then this the current incident is a part of the infamous ‘Kennedy Curse’. The curse is just a simple way to link the umpteen death incidents that have scared the Kennedy family since the beginning of time.

My condolence are with the family and friends of Saoirse Kennedy Hill. May God give them the strength to bear the grief of their loss.

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