Batman Reboot to Potray Robert Pattinson in the Role of Batman


After a long wait, the curtains are finally up. The Batman fans can take a sigh of relief as the new Batman has finally been chosen. By the looks of it, after portraying the role of a favourite vampire, the actor became the next “Caped Crusader.” Robert Pattinson finally decides to trade his sparkling skin for a man in a Bat Costume.

Variety said in a report that Robert Pattinson is going to portray the role of a lifetime, The Batman. Earlier in the morning, Robert Pattinson talks about a variety of things to portray Bruce Wayne in Matt Reeves’ Batman. Pattinson became the new successor to portray The Dark Knight.

Previously, Ben Affleck was going to write the movie and direct it at the same time. Nevertheless, he left the project after going to a personal crisis. On the other hand, there were several problems which made the Batman project a sideline in the DC Extended Universe.

Matt Reeves wants Robert Pattinson to become the next Batman

The director of the forthcoming movie wrote the movie’s script which will depict the early crime-fighting day of Batman. The film holds inspiration from Sir Alfred Hitchcock’s Noir setting in Hollywood. The upcoming movie will showcase the timeline before Batman became the Greatest Detective in the world.

According to the sources, the pre-production of the movie will begin this summer. The filming in the new movie will start in late 2019 or early 2020. Reeves said that the film would deal with the greatest mystery in Bruce Wayne, aka Batman’s life. After solving the greatest mystery, Batman will become the Greatest Detective in the world.

Ben Affleck was the one to start the DC Extended Universe by taking up upon the role of Bat-Vigilante. And this signifies that the new movie will not have connections with the other DC Extended Universe movies such as Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Shazam, among others.

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