Robert Pattinson will be the new Batman confirmed Warner Bros

Robert Pattinson to be the new Batman

Robert Pattinson to be the new Batman confirmed by Warner Bros. After, chunks of candles being burned to Jesus, Gotham city finally has a new Batman.

Rumors have come true, and we aren’t really disappointed over it. Our romantic Edward Cullin will now be seen has Batman in the movies which has been confirmed by Warner Bros.

Robert Pattinson Is Officially ‘The Batman’ from movies

Robert Pattinson is known for his Twilight series in which he played Edward Cullin. The actor portrayed a vampire who was quite old for his girlfriend. In the movie, he dwells with a vampire family and fights other vampires or werewolves as the series progresses. His role and acting were quite admired by his new fans. He was also seen in Harry Potter as Cedric Diggory.

Robert Pattinson to be the new ‘Batman’ confirmed by Warner Bros

Robert Pattinson to play the new batman

The New Batman

The new Batman had to go through a lot of tests and auditions and had to be burnt in a competition too. There were a lot of stars in the line to do the role but Robert Pattinson got lucky and grabbed it.

Robert was in competition with Hoult when both of them were shortlisted for the role. After a series of screen tests and costume tests, Warner Bros locked him for the role of Batman which will be directed by Matt Reeves

Robert Pattinson to be the new ‘Batman’ confirmed by Warner Bros

He could make a good hero for the Gotham city.

The Acceptance

The current role required someone in the age bar between 25-30 years as told by Matt Reeves. The actors shortlisted for the role were kept a secret for which Reeves took a blind stake as well. If you look back, none of the actors were accepted well by the fans until they saw them performing on the screen.

This is what happened to this choice as well. Robert Pattinson isn’t really accepted by the fans and he will have to try a little harder to create a space in peoples’ hearts.

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