Rocksteady Justice League Game Leaked Rumours

Rocksteady Justice League Game Leaked Rumours

Many years ago a game when the main role of Batman was introduced, the name of that game was Batman: Arkham Knight. They had put forward two parts of this game only. One is 2009 and then 2011. After 2011 with the game Batman: Arkham City there was no new update. Now we heard some rumours regarding Justice League game.

Many people enjoyed this game to a higher extent and were eagerly waiting for the next part of this game series. But unfortunately, there was no update regarding the new part of this game.

The Justice League Game Rumors-

Rocksteady Justice League Game Leaked Rumours

But it’s time to get back to the basics and take your gaming life forward. There are many rumours by Eddie Stubbington who is joining the Rocksteady Studios team in the quality assurance department.

Those who don’t know about Rocksteady Studios, these are the one who made the above games such as Batman: Arkham Knight and it’s series.

This rumour is hinting that on what Rocksteady Studios must be working on something secret. Many fans are thinking that there could be a DC Comics follow up in Rocksteady’s future. Firstly according to some rumours, fans were thinking that Rocksteady studios are working on an open world Superman game project, just the same as the Batman game series.

Then there were some rumours about Justice League Game. But these rumours also got shut down, still, there are some rumours about these games.

New Projects-

Rocksteady Justice League Game Leaked Rumours

But some of the most believable rumours on which we can actually believe is on developing a new game. Rocksteady can be working on a new project of a Suicide Squad game. The other most important thing is that Rocksteady can put forward a new game within the DC Comics Universe. Which means they’re going to be a whole lot of fun in the coming time.

It’s just matter of some time now, some new updates are going to come soon.

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