Royal Family Members turn a single mom’s life turned upside-down by just some photos!

A single mother's life turned upside-down because of just some photos!

Luck is known to come in the most unexpected of ways. Sometimes the things that are lying around you goes unnoticed of their real worth. Maybe a good old book that you never realized is actually a first edition or a random photo in your mobile phone featuring your star. Something similar happened with a single mother whose fame and financial status skyrocketed just because of a few photographs. The photos were holding candid poses of Royal Family Members William, Harry, Kate and Meghan.

Royal Family Members turn a single mother's life turned upside-down by just some photos!

Prince William, Kate, Meghan, Prince Harry
Source: Today Show

Karen Anvil dream-come true story!

Karen Anvil never even in her dreams could have imagined that her mobile clicked photos will end-up changing her life completely. Her status shot to fame after capturing Royal Family Members Kate, Meghan, William and Harry in 2017 as they stepped out on Christmas Day.

The Royal Family is striving endlessly to make each appearance of their as immaculate as possible. Whether it be charity events or sports gathering, the Royal Family Members are trying to make a positive impact at each step. The 2017 Christmas Day outing of the Royal Family earned a whooping paycheck for a single mother.

According to reports, Karen Anvil, the single mother shot candid photos of the four Royal Family members as they were making their way to the St Mary Magdalene Church. Back then it was the first appearance of Harry and Meghan in public after the announcement of their engagement.

Royal Family Members: What’s so special about the pics!

Royal Family Members turn a single mother's life turned upside-down by just some photos!

Source: The Independent

Even Kate Middleton was carrying Prince Louis in her womb back then. She informed The Sun that after screaming like a fan-girl to get their attention she clicked their close-up pictures with her phone. Karen said

My heart pounded as I looked up and saw William, Kate, Meghan, and Harry striding towards me, smiling and waving as they arrived for the Christmas Day service. All of them except for William looked directly at me. I took a snap with my phone and didn’t think anything of it.”

When she posted it on Twitter news publication began tailing her for copyright of photos. A photographer friend advised her to charge money for the use of her clicks. Karen could not believe the huge sum people were willing to shell out for the sake of those photos.

The first cheque that arrived was of 15,000 pounds and she earned a lot more. The money changed her life in many ways. She could get her house renovated and revamped.

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