Run BTS Season 4 Release Date Pegged for 2021 Due to Coronavirus

Run BTS Season 4 Release Date, Delay, Trailer, Cast, Plot and More Updates on the K-Pop Band Series

Run BTS Season 4 is finally coming and fans of the Korean band are eagerly excited. The show recently celebrated its 100th episode and the BTS Army is glad to see their favorite K-pop band getting such a huge success. Run BTS! even received the “Best V Original” award in 2018 and it is a constant dose to the fans who miss the band and their songs.

While the third season of Run BTS is currently airing, Channel V has already renewed the show for a fourth season. It may take a while for the show to arrive as the Coronavirus pandemic in South Korea has halted filming for every major show. Here is everything you need to know about Run BTS Season 4 release date, trailer, COVID-19 delay, cast, plot and other updates.

Run BTS Season 4 Release Date, Trailer and Coronavirus Delay

Run BTS Season 4 Release Date, Trailer and Coronavirus Delay

Run BTS Season 4 release date was set as January 2021 but that might not be possible now due to the Coronavirus outbreak. The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed back the release date of several shows and if things are not under control soon, even the fourth season of Run BTS! will also get delayed. BTS band members were supposed to be on a world tour from April 25 to June 26 this year, but that has been also delayed due to the viral outbreak.

It means that the boys will go on a tour near the end of the year and filming for Run BTS might not be possible. BTS has a very tight schedule and as Run BTS Season 3 is currently airing, the makers are not worried that much about the fourth season. Run BTS Season 4 can now release around April-May 2021 where a trailer will be out a few months before the premiere dates.

Run BTS Season 4 Cast and Band Members

Run BTS Season 4 Cast and Band Members

Run BTS Season 4 will bring back all the seven members of the Korean boy band, BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan) to the show. Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook are the seven BTS boys that complete the band and will take part in the web series. Run BTS also have a special behind the scenes feature which can be seen with Channel V premium package.

Run BTS Season 4 Plot Details and Special Episodes

Run BTS Season 4 Plot Details and Special Episodes 

Run BTS Season 4 plot will feature the BTS members having various fun activities based on the episode theme in the form of games, missions, and challenges. Based on that, they will get prizes or punishment, while also getting an insight into their regular lives.

There are also certain missions where the BTS members divide themselves into groups and play against each other. Suga and Jin serve as the host in most of the episodes, whereas J-hope and V have also served as an MC few times. Run BTS Season 4 will have some special episodes where that runs for almost 75 minutes.

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