Russell Crowe and Terri Irwin Rumors: Plans of ‘Double Marriage’?


A source claims that Russell Crowe and Terri Irwin are dating and will plan their wedding soon. according to the tabloids, the Australian actor Russell Crowe and the conservationist Terri Irwin are not just good friends. Apparently, Russell and Terri are romantically involved.

Let’s look into the story and see if it’s true.

Happy Ending for Terri Iwrin and Russell Crowe

In 2018, sources claimed that Russell and Terri were dating. After years of their close friendship, Russell and Terri finally got together for their happy ending. The source said,

Russell is such an important person in Terri’s life. He’s been a real rock. They’ve always hung out as friends but this time, there was something different.

However, Irwin commented and said that this was not at all true. She said Crowe is a really good friend and these rumors are totally false.

Terri and Russell to have a ‘Double Wedding’

Following this rumor, the source claimed that Terri and Russell are planning a ‘double wedding’ with Chandler and Bindi. They will have a joint wedding and pay a tribute to the late Steve Irwin. The source also claimed that Bindi would wear a ‘crocodile green dress’ while Terri would use her vows and acknowledge late husband.

However, the story was too preposterous to believe. Bindi and Powell are still unmarried. Irwin and Crowe are also not dating yet.

Terri Irwin Heartbroken

Another source alleged that Russell Crowe broke Irwin’s heart. The story also brought in Crowe’s ex-wife Danielle Spencer into the picture. The source said that Spencer wanted to reconcile with ex-husband Russell. Irwin was completely heartbroken to hear about it.

However, the entire narrative was bogus.

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