Russell Crowe Once Bought a Dinosaur Head From Leonardo DiCaprio

Russell Crowe Once Bought a Dinosaur Head From Leonardo DiCaprio

Did you remember the very intriguing scenes from Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone where Hagrid after boozing up tends to purchase a dragon egg from an anonymous villager.

Okay, so it has happened again. And much to your excitement, Russell Crowe has been our Hagrid here. For Russell, life has been an implusive adventure. In a bid to add another horrific( and humorous) incident to his life, he bought a dinosaur head from Leonardo DiCaprio. He dropped a whopping amount of  $35,000 for the antique head.

The amount equals to my entire savings during my high-school life.

Crowe made the deal while being high on Vodka

Russell Crowe Once Bought a Dinosaur Head From Leonardo DiCaprio

Picture: Sotheby’s Australia


I bought it for my kids, and I know you will cut a little bit of slack here, but the transaction involved a bunch of vodka at Leonardo’s house.

He stated that it was DiCaprio who heated the conversation to sell up the dinosaur head. He was desperate to purchase the new variety, that arrived in markets on the same day.

 Well, I will buy it. Leo, How much you want for the head?

Rusell was indeed, happy to take up something amazing at his home- basically for a shear recreation for his children. You know, pretty Hollywood things.

Crowe recounted the whole incident and smirked vividly on his “done without senses transaction” with Caprio.

The actor, after using the head to a good advantage auctioned and sold it in 2018 through Sotheby’s Australia. People named the head as “Russell Crowe: The Art of Divorce.” Since, the auction happened to secure enough  alimony for divorce proceedings, the name was the most natural thing to happen.

The story behind the dino skull

Russell Crowe Once Bought a Dinosaur Head From Leonardo DiCaprio

Picture- Variety


The dinosaur head belonged to Mosasaur, that almost went extinct 65 million years ago during the Late Cretaceous Period. The historians describe the variety as fierce hunters with a flexible skull and hinged jaw, enabling them to easily swallow their whole prey. Though, the dinosaur ain’t that popular as the other rivals.

Crowe was intended to make the surreal purchase for his oldest son, who at that time was fascinated by the world of dinosaurs and dragons.

Part of my reason for buying the head in  2008, 2009 was my kids. So I told them, “Here you go, here’s one for your playroom.”

I wish my father would be the same as once Crowe was. Though, I’ll never ever in my dreams, ask him to make such a weird (yet interesting) purchase.


Currently, Crowe is busy promoting his show-time miniseries The Loudest Voicethat’s set to make it’s premiere on June 30.

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