Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively Divorce Rumours: Deadpool Star Insults his Wife too much?

Ryan Reynolds Blake Lively

Ryan Reynolds is well known for his sense of humour. He is famous for trolling his co-stars, especially Hugh Jackman, on the internet. And his wife is no exception either. Time and again Reynolds has posted silly and funny stuff roasting Blake Lively. But have things come to head, at last?

Ryan Reynolds Causing Quarantiffs With Blake Lively?

For years, Reynolds has regaled audiences both on the silver screen and on the internet with his comic timing and deadpan punchline deliveries. That much humour can’t always be staged or practised. It’s something inbuilt for the Deadpool actor.

This year the world was on lockdown. So naturally, Ryan too was quarantined at home with wife and kids. As a result, the family became the recipient of all his jokes. Apparently, Lively is annoyed by Reynolds’ juvenile practical jokes.

Ryan Reynolds roasts wife


While the humour was welcome when they first started dating, it’s been grating on her nerves for quite some time, especially when cooped up together during the quarantine.

Non-Existent Issues

Ryan Reynolds has established himself as one of the most audience-friendly stars with his sense of humour. He is the internet’s favourite combination of handsome and hilarious.

Ryan Reynolds Blake Lively

Reynolds’ sense of humour is deceptively well-crafted, and his jokes essentially always punch up. If it isn’t something silly or universal like the weather or social interactions, he’s generally the butt of his own joke.

Additionally, being married for 8 years to The Proposal star would have made Blake immune to his jokes. Humour is his second nature. And second nature of your long time partner can’t be so bothersome that it would make you want to leave, can it?

 Blake Lively family

Blake Lively Is No Less Herself

It’s not like Lively is some humourless and put-upon wife. This is the woman who drew shoes on her bare feet in a post that cutely poked fun at her husband; she’s no stranger to silliness.

Earlier this week, she posted a very sweet and amusing message to her husband for his birthday. Apparently, the Van Wilder star wanted birthday pie, not cake, so while Lively indulged him, she didn’t miss the opportunity to poke fun at him. It’s clearly a two-way street for the couple.

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