Ryan Seacrest Ill-Health Rumours: Suffered A Stroke Or Botox Injection Gone Wrong? The Host Going Blind?

Ryan Seacrest
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Ryan Seacrest is one of America’s most well-known TV faces. And even he cannot escape from criticism. Last year, there were rumours that the American Idol host was going blind from health issues, as well as, too much Botox.

Ryan Seacrest Going Through Major Health Issues?

Early last June, gossip columns claimed that the host had a stroke on air. This deduction was brought on after he slurred some of his words. Also, one of his eyes closed during a taping of American Idol. Tabloids expanded their theories of Seacrest’s health problems. Next, it was alleged that he is going blind. And not because of the stroke, but because of Botox injections.

Ryan Seacrest Kelly Ripa

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They even managed to quote experts in the matter. A plastic surgeon that has no connection to Seacrest explained to the publication that if the injection was done incorrectly, it could have permanent consequences, which “could force him off TV forever!” Another doctor with no affiliation to Seacrest said, “The situation with Ryan appears serious, as it involves his speech and suggests a toxic or metabolic or neurologic condition.”

Blown Out Of Proportion

Seacrest was simply going through a bout of exhaustion. The Live! with Kelly and Ryan host even returned to work a few days later. A representative for Seacrest confirmed that the story wasn’t just wrong, it was “crazy”. He wasn’t going blind, he was just really tired. Between hosting two TV shows and a radio show, it’s understandable that he ran himself into the ground.

Additionally, Seacrest was accused of plastic surgery on another body part. This time, his feet. However, Kelly Ripa showed off her co-star’s toes on an Instagram live a couple of weeks ago. In caption, she called them “gawgeous”. She even jokingly asked if he had had plastic surgery on them.

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